The art of living well in the home

At Wellbeing in Your Home we address the mind,
body and diet in order to improve you and your family’s wellbeing.

Yoga & mindfulness meditation classes

Currently available on Zoom. We offer drop in classes, one to one classes and 8 week programmes.

Latest recipes and news …

The one cookbook that I can’t live without

I never thought I would find the one cookbook I can’t live without. And I have many cookbooks and I love them all. I love reading recipes, imagining what they would taste like and cooking them. A happy discovery A few months ago I found a book that I can’t…

Is Yoga for everybody?

Yoga can be practiced by anyone, at any stage of their life. How? You don’t need to be flexible or have a certain body type! Find out more.

Women(‘s Day) & Pantyhose

I’m not a fan of International Women’s Day. During the communist era, the 8th March was an obligatory celebration for everyone. There were marches and parades to celebrate. Carnations were handed right left and centre out to women of all ages. Hands were kisses in a nonchalant way. If you…

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