10 minute lunch?

Imagine you’ve been up since early in the morning and been working non-stop… You look up and it’s 1pm and your stomach is rumbling… You’re starving and are considering eating a packet of biscuits for lunch…

Simple ingredients

And then you remember that you have some miso and some leftover coriander in the fridge, an egg and some quick cook noodles!

The biscuits are safe for now…

You boil the kettle, pour the water in a smallish pot, put the noodles and the egg together and set the timer for 6 and a half minutes exactly.

In the meantime you make up the miso soup using 200 ml of water from the kettle and a tablespoon of miso paste. You chose some coriander and wait for the noodles and the egg to boil.

Suddenly the timer goes off and you know you’re minutes away from eating!

You drain the noodles and the egg, peel the egg and arrange the noodles, the egg and the coriander in the bowl full of miso…

Success! Healthy, quick and delicious!

Just as good for lunch as it is for dinner. Add any topping you have, e.g leftover veg, chopped chillies, thinly sliced red onions. Possibilities are endless.


Gosia x

P.S. I love https://misotasty.com white miso paste.

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