The one cookbook that I can’t live without

I never thought I would find the one cookbook I can’t live without. And I have many cookbooks and I love them all. I love reading recipes, imagining what they would taste like and cooking them. A happy discovery A few months ago I found a book that I can’t seem to live without: ‘TheContinue reading “The one cookbook that I can’t live without”

Women(‘s Day) & Pantyhose

I’m not a fan of International Women’s Day. During the communist era, the 8th March was an obligatory celebration for everyone. There were marches and parades to celebrate. Carnations were handed right left and centre out to women of all ages. Hands were kisses in a nonchalant way. If you were an adult woman, onContinue reading “Women(‘s Day) & Pantyhose”

The best chicken soup (for the body and soul)?

Chicken soup is the epitome of comfort food, don’t you think? And this particular soup fulfils the main 3 criteria: healthy, quick and nourishing. This recipe comes from a book by Jane Lanzer Gifford ‘Food on the move Pret A Manager‘ from 2007. It’s out of print, but you can buy second-hand copies on eBayContinue reading “The best chicken soup (for the body and soul)?”

How many yoga teachers are there in the UK?

Here’s a clue: If you’re a yoga teacher, you represent 0.010% of the total. The question about the number of yoga teachers in the UK was in my head the other day. So I checked. According to, there are between 20,000-30,000 yoga classes taught in the UK each week. The average size of aContinue reading “How many yoga teachers are there in the UK?”

FREE Online Valentine’s Mindful Baking Workshop

FREE Online Valentine’s Baking and Mindfulness Workshop February 13 Join me from home for the FREE Online Valentine’s Baking and Mindfulness Workshop on 13th February at 5pm UK time. Why should you do this FREE workshop??? – You will learn how to bake a delicious gluten-free chocolate cake from scratch with my guidance with justContinue reading “FREE Online Valentine’s Mindful Baking Workshop”

10 minute lunch?

Imagine you’ve been up since early in the morning and been working non-stop… You look up and it’s 1pm and your stomach is rumbling… You’re starving and are considering eating a packet of biscuits for lunch… And then you remember that you have some miso and some leftover coriander in the fridge, an egg andContinue reading “10 minute lunch?”