Women(‘s Day) & Pantyhose

I’m not a fan of International Women’s Day.

During the communist era, the 8th March was an obligatory celebration for everyone. There were marches and parades to celebrate. Carnations were handed right left and centre out to women of all ages. Hands were kisses in a nonchalant way. If you were an adult woman, on the 8th of March you also got… pantyhose. Yes, you heard me right.

The memories of marching each year in a large group of women, next to my mum and my sister, are still in my head. We were each holding a carnation and in addition, my mum was holding the pantyhose.

Pantyhose was a very practical gift, as during the communist era the shelves were empty. Pantyhose was like gold. Nowadays if you wear tights, you won’t think twice about throwing them away if there are caught. In those days, there were people who recycled and repaired pantyhose, so that nothing would go to waste.

Me (Gosia) in June 1986, kindergarten No.4 in Brodnica, Poland

Right now I cannot stop thinking about the 1.2 million of women and children who have fled Ukraine in the first two weeks of this senseless war.

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Want to learn more about Poland and the communist era? Visit European Solidarity Centre.

Gosia x

Co-Founder of Wellbeing in Your Home