Mindfulness Meditation

Suffer with anxiety, stress or pain?

Mindfulness mediation can help restore calm in your life and bring you joy.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is a growing therapeutical practice that continues to help millions of people throughout the world freeing them from depression, anxiety, pain, overwhelm and helping bring joy and calm to their lives. Understanding the fundamentals of mindfulness and how to practice it in daily life really can unleash a life that is perhaps ‘unlived’.

Mindfulness Meditation was created by Prof. Jon Kabat-Zinn who after studying Zen buddhism stripped away the religious frame work and created a programme that has been used in clinics around the world since 1979.

What does Mindfulness Meditation mean?

In simple terms, it is a practice that brings about awareness of the present moment with non judgement and an openness that can be described as a ‘beginners mind’. It’s about seeing things as they really are without getting attached to what we might perceive as the bad or good of the situation. By doing this, we can remain calm and choose appropriate responses and also reduce the tensions around situations and importantly reduce tensions around our own thoughts.

Who should practice Mindfulness Meditation?

Everyone should practice mindfulness and everyone can. In particular, those who wish to help their anxiety, depression, fear, stress management and emotional intelligence. However, if someone just wishes to be calmer, better focussed and fully present in their lives, these are great reasons to practice mindfulness meditation.

How can I learn more?

We run weekly drop in classes (currently on zoom), 1-2-1 sessions, either face to face or on zoom and 8 week life transformation programmes, again face to face or on zoom.

For a 20 minute complimentary consultation on zoom or by phone, please contact us.

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